How Can a Locksmith Make New House Keys?

Want to learn some basic key making tips and become a pro like a professional locksmith? Different locksmiths have their own exquisitely different ways of making new keys. However, there are several universal techniques and ways that locksmiths utilize when making new keys for a house. Some of these techniques may seem difficult and complicated but they are indeed simple when you learn and follow them systematically. Many locksmiths use the same materials and equipment when making new keys but in most cases, local locksmiths use basic equipment such as screws, pins and a profiling machine. The following are some of ways on how can a locksmith make new house keys. They include but not limited to the following:

Fix the tip of a key material to a key hole.

The primary step of making a new key is by fixing the tip of a key material into a key hole. This is meant to create a new design and the shape of the new key. Once the tip of a key has be fixed, it is good to draw a pattern so as to know the exact size of the new key that will perfectly fit into the new lock. You can use an instruction manual to learn how to go about this first step but since a lock professional Albuquerque is an expert, they can actually do this without drawing patterns or by simply estimating the size and shape of the new key.

Use a blank key to design a new key.

With the help of a blank key, a locksmith will then design a new key by simply following the pattern that was initially drawn after fixing the tip of the key to the key holes. Locksmith uses the blank key to come up with new keys that resemble the black key but with slight differences.

Crete a unique code using a color code

Once the design of the new key has been created, the locksmiths then creates a unique code that will be used to cut and resize the final key. It is this code that distinguishes other keys from the new key. This code is used to create new keys that will perfectly fit and open new locks. Most locksmiths prefer using colored codes for easy identification.

Cut a new key using a profiling machine.

After designing and creating new codes, the locksmith then uses a profiling machine to cut the new key from the model. If you need to get a new key in New Mexico, a profiling machine will definitely cut the key as per the created codes and in most cases, some locksmiths prefer using a profiling machine to cut a blank key and design a new key from the blank one. A profiling machine is then used to create other spare keys that will look exactly as the new key.

All the above steps are easy to follow and most professional locksmiths normally work without a manual or any instructional guides. However, as the time goes and as you continue to learn how can a locksmith make new house keys you will start making new keys without necessarily following instruction manuals thus becoming as simple as opening your door lock. Try it today and be like a pro!